Best Music Classrooms in Sikar

Discover Your Musical Talents at our Music Room

The Music Room at Tagore International School is a vibrant and dynamic space designed to inspire and nurture the musical talents of our students. Our music program is an integral part of our curriculum, offering a range of opportunities for students to explore different genres and styles of music and this makes our school the best co-educational school in Sikar, Rajasthan.


Our Music Room is equipped with a variety of instruments, including guitars, keyboards, drums, and a range of percussion instruments, which are available for students to use during music classes and practice sessions. We also have a collection of music books, scores, and recordings, as well as software and hardware for digital music production.


Our music faculty is composed of experienced and passionate musicians who are dedicated to fostering a love for music in our students. We offer a range of music programs, including individual and group lessons, choir, band, and orchestra, which cater to students of all levels of proficiency and interest.

Advantages of music education

It has been proven that music encourages intellectual development, creativity, and emotional well-being. At Tagore International School, providing our pupils with music education is vital for their overall growth. Our music curriculum not only assists students in improving their musical skills but also imparts valuable life lessons like self-control, cooperation, and persistence.

Encouraging creativity

We encourage our students to explore different musical genres and to express themselves creatively through music. Whether they aspire to become professional musicians or simply want to enjoy the benefits of music as a hobby, our Music Room provides a supportive and stimulating environment where they can thrive and achieve their full potential.

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